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its been awhile since i wrote anyting here.. life s been hectic especially bfor cuti, i had so many coursework due, n me being d last min type.. nda brtduran for almost a week trying 2 finish everyting.. argh! new year's resolution.. no more last min work!! ever!!! (yea ryt~)

nways.. wat hv i done dis few weeks.. let c, on 2nd december, i went to london.. met his majesty at the continental hotel.. i tink almost every1 ws der.. duh! obviousli for d money.. need i say more.. met a bunch of my frens..
` d arrival of his majesty.. "click!!"

didi nuraza, farhah fakhriah, me , izzan amalina.. 3u gals.. 8 years of friendship.. luv u guys


zainur & me!

Bibi khamimah.. my long lost fren

me, mallya, fidz, cat

me, faezul & hafiz sis, didi .. dy du luk alike dun dey?

org batu @ geologists

wen jei , me & amal (nxt 2 dem i luk lyk.. hobbit :P)

khairul, zay, me, zul, ikmal & hafiz

last but not least.. MS CLASS OF 2000 - 2006


Typical days..

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Its Monday, 1.22am here... I duno y all of a sudden i js feel lyk updating my blog, iv gt d whole day 2 do it, yet i choose to do it nw wen i shud b sleeping..well, i hvnt done much today, it is a weekend.. & its 1 of dos lazy sunday, iv been waking up late, msn-ing n skype-ing wid a certain sum1.. den sleep again, watch sum series dat iv downloaded.. den sleep den eat.. den.. well basicli repeat all over again.. i told u its a lazy sunday!

i cudnt sleep, so dcided 2 js read.. luv dis buk, read it lyk 2 years ago, cant help reading it again.. "Jemima J. by Jane Green" its..

"A brilliantly funny, honest novel about ugly ducklings and swans, about attraction, addiction and the meaning of true love."

nways, nuting much happen dis week..

Monday: Practical.. let me show u wat we did during practical.. hahahaha sad but true..

yes.. we luk at rocks.. describe den draw dem... den feel it (so wrong!) if ur lucky u gt 2 lick it.. ;)

Tuesday: No class!! Freedom.. we went to city sja.. i js feel lyk guin out..

Thursday: MAPPING!! BORING!! (We luk at maps.. n um.. hmm.. draw? i duno wat d hell we wer duing, but im sure we did sumting)

Friday: friday ws.. kinky...during lecture.. my lecturer ws babbling bout all dis minerals dat we all hv 2 rmmber, it ws seriousli boring.. den he came 2 dis 1 part of d mineral called.. "cummingtonite" get it.. ;)

Den dat nyt we had dinner at hum.. 1 of dos gud nyt wer every1 is der, (ayub,hafiz,zay & even uzi) so uzi ws giving ayub tips on how 2 b .. um.. "well-built" lyk him..

1st tips
.. i dun reli rmmber wat he sed.. i tink it ws
sumting bout aftr guin back frm d gym, u eat & eat & eat!

2nd tips.. "ZORO! CLOSE UR EARS!" den uzi sed "keep ur lotion on motion.." i js laugh! dos 3 guys wer still blurry.. hahaha (u might not get me.. but here's d hint.. wat do guys do wen deyr alone, dey do it all d tym.. & ALL d guys do it!) hahaha tink bout it ;)

saturday: went to albert dock again! wid diorg nurul & famili @ baby shahmi! (liverpool baby) & dibah n zirah & d guys.. kmi mkn quzi.. d food ws worth it! nasi briyani & lamb!! nyam2..

2moro.. is another day.. gota wake up earli.. ciow for now! =) o yea~ n merry christmas~~


Liverpool'07 Xmas Lights..

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Las nyt.. or ws it afternoon.. nways, it ws 5.00pm & it ws pretty dark alredi .. (u do d math..) I went to the St. George's Plateau, js ryt across d Limestreet station. The christmas lights are officially switch on.. :D wohoo~~ iski ani wah! mcm braya rasa ku.. iatah kes nda braya pnya pasal mcani plg kjadiannya.. :p

i ws waiting for diorg c hafiz n zay 2 call me up.. diorg pigi city, biasalah weekend, nuting 2 do kan.. around 4.20 tu mcm nada jua ada, so call demup.. unfortunatli.. diorg nda jdi :( dey wer 2 tired.. understandable plg.. so i told myself.. dem not guin will not stop me frm guing 2 dis event!! (motivated ani wah!) hafiz told me mbi shud kal diorg c bol and adin, which i did.. n der joining.. :) tanks guys..
it ws worth guing... :D der dis performance by atomic kitten.. fine.. it ws js one of dem, Natasha Hamilton.. she ws singing whole again! (u can cek d video urself if u dun bliev me :P) & a couple more other performances by X-factor stars, Eton Road, dis 12-year old kid Shaun Walsh and Notre Dame School Choir.

Nways msa final performance by dat 12 year old kid.. he sang lagu "Santa claus is coming to town".. tau2.. ada dis guy in a red suit.. on top of dis tinggi building.. kmi pikir org kn trajun.. tau2 .. santa!!! get it.. "santa is coming to town.." get it .. get it.. haha.. pikir kn trajun th dh ni.. skali ada tali.. iatah ia turun pkai tali atu.. brijab kli ah usulnya! (i guess dy hire a.. .. watcha call it.. rock climber.. stunt man?) ntah lah.. yg ku tau .. he's a santa!

D final countdown.. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. ws a dissapointment.. hahaha..



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For once since i've been in UK, i finali got a proper weekend.. Finali!! it feels gud .. so gud.. :) guessing wat a proper weekend for me is? well.. its not d trip 2 Manchester.. Nope not London either.. its wen i gt 2 spend it wid d person whom matter most 2 me.. well not physically obviousli.. (damn! dat sounded so wrong yet feel so right :P)

i remember hving dis conversation..
"what is ur idea of a perfect date?" (i cant rmmber wat i sed tho..)
Then dis person told me dat.. "d idea of a perfect date is not d romantic settings, or d place.. nor d food.. but d companion itself.." :)

I tink its true.. so true.. :)

Michael Buble - Home

Another summer day
Is come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aerorplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
But this was not your dream
But you always believe in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
And even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

Sigh.. reli cant help missing hum..


Lifestyles Everton..

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Ystrday.. we had dis netball tournament organize by the Malaysian society at Lifestyles Everton.. its been a while since iv playd netball.. d last match ws wen i ws in form 3.. 3u to be exact n our team name ws "la victoire" we got dat name frm dis sweet (gula2) i use 2 eat.. hahaha, i rmmber we use to hv dis match every thursday i think , during P.E. i ws centre back den.. d gud ol days.. :)

nways.. 2 cut tings short.. we won 3rd place !! yay~~ it ws a tough match against Surrey.. but worth every bits of it :) btw, i ws d Wing attack (WA) & also d Goal keeper (GK)!! GK!! Imagine.. me short.. n im d GK.. aftr d game i learnt dat it doesnt matter whether ur short or not.. wat matters is ur.. wat d hell m i talking bout.. of course height matters!!!

2 months & 5 days..

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after 2 mths n 5 day!! barutah kn sambung buat dis blog.. m so unreliable.. c told u so.. awal2 sja iski.. den aftr dat.. hmm.. actuali banyak gambar & video kan ku post (iski lah kn masukkan blog) tpi by d tym smpai rumah, js plain exhausted or malas.. hahaha

nways, wer shud i start? der so many tings .. js 2 many tings happend dis past 2 mths.. let c.. d 1st week of uni 29th & 30th September, weekend we went for field trip to Snowdonia, North wales! its ws.. cold! cool! n tiring! let start wid d shopping, kan kmi baru jua lyk 2 weeks sini.. we had 2 shop 4 waterproof boots, den raincoat, jacket, waterproof pants, n geological basic kit.. i spent almost 130 pounds for all dis :S argh! mahal kli ah! imagine kali 3 brunei.. dat lyk almost 400 brunei wah! (baik jua dpt claim.. fuh!) btw.. did i mention our field trip ws tym puasa..

Aint dat nice.. :) yup dat snowdonia.. it very.. "jurassic park lyk" d onli ting missing here is d dinosaur.. hehe.. d place ws definiteli cool.. d down side, its not js a field trip.. not jus enjoying d view or mcm ice breaking session stuff lyk dat, we had 2 luk at rocks n den d structure describe it draw it.. d describing ws so f***ing hard.. i hav no basic geo watsoever, it ws tough, we wer dvided into small groups, i gt dis guy; john.. he ws gud, he explain bits by bits 2 us, tpi mun sdh nada basic atu babal jua.. inda jua paham2.. imagine ia suruh lukis dis structure n describe it.. (btw, we had 2 record all dis arh notebook cs kna mark by d end of d session). luk 2 d ryt, hw d hell do u describe n draw dis stuff.. iatah bah! it wsnt fun at all..

Aside frm dat, u noe wat i notice.. dis place byk sheep poo.. i still cant fig out hw d kmbing dapat naik arah tmpt tinggi2 atu.. i saw dis kmbing evn almost kn smpai arh top of d .. mountain? 2 wah.. hw?? ntah lah labu.. btw, dis place lgi bnyk kambing dri manusia.. i tink ratio 10/20 kambing to 1 human.. so if u saw arh gambar ada bnyk putih2 mcm cotton candy usulnya, kambing tah dah 2 :D

another memorable ting dat happen ws.. i shudnt b mentioning dis but wat d heck..proudly 2 sy dis is d 1st tym ever i pee arah batu.. it ws cold & we had 2 stay at d place almost d whole day so wen nature calls.. u js hv 2.. pee? hehe.. dis is d very batu dat i pee on.. hahaha proud ani wah! no wuri, dat d 1st n hupfuli dis will b d las tym il evr do dis .. *finger cross*

[yup.. dis vri rock here.. *blushing*]

Balik dri field trip 2 we wer brought 2 tmpat kmi tidur.. takut ku dah kmi tdur lyk arh dis crap place cs we js pay 10 pounds for d trip kn, suprisingli.. it turnout 2 b a proper hotel.. d place is great! d food better!! dat ws gud lah.. d next day went 2 another place.. d same ting jua, luking at rocks n stuff.. but i tink most of us got d hang on how tings shud b done.. :) so by d end of d day, my notebook kna mark.. *dub*dub*dub* yea.. i got 6/10 =D YAY~ NEXT FIELD TRIP.. EASTER!

a new beginning

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wohoo.. finali got my own blog! :D dcided 2 mek a blog cs need 2gt myself busy, esp since der a time difference.. js dun wana miss brunei so much :) its bn a while since i pgang pen, d last ting wud b d scb application form, but do u even consider dat writing?! i'l tri 2 update dis as much as possible, but knowing myself.. awal2 2 ja iski.. lps tu jgn haraplah.. hahaha.. bh gota end here. ciow 4 now :D

me famili