John Legend concert & Red Nose Day '09

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On d 13th March 2009, went to the John Legend concert!!!! it was awesome.. like berabis.. worth it lah.. d concert ws in Manchester, Apollo, went der wid rifin, & day trip sja pkai bas, found cheap tickets to manch pkai national express onli £2.50 return, iv gt class pagi atu til 12, so went der ryt after class & balik like midnyt, siuk lah!

o yea, it ws oso a "Red Nose Day"
oso known as "Comic Relief Day", its where you raise money for charities by doing sumting funny, mishief.. etc etc.. & my uni department, Earth & Ocean Sciences ws duing it! d sceretaries & security pkai all dis weird funny costume & evn ada dis bake sale 2 raise money.. cool lah!

the poster..
the secretaries..

the devil in disguise..

Primark manch.. trying out d hats, rifin end up buying it haha..

entrance ticket..

John legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His opening act..

the special female guest.. lawa..! luv her songs, but 2 bad i dint get her name :( all i noe is she is irish sja.. baik jua ada d video :D

yes.. iv got the very2 front row!!!!! gnya problem nya ada dis huge speaker yg blocking d view msa ia main d piano.. but aside dat.. dakat yo!

Save room.. my fav song!..

his last performance.. ordinary people.. before dat he went in wah & i tot dat was it kn.. so i ws kinda disapointed lah.. den tau2 he masuk pkai dis tux & he luk so.. wow.. & ada dis clip on .. i cant reli see wat it ws, sum sort of charity organisation & he start singing ordinary people.. so touching.. every1 dlm dat theatre start singing.. gila lawa! arghhhh!!! lawwwwwaaaaaa brabis!!!!!

Lastly.. i bought the tshirt.. worth it baby~


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